Terms of service


We expect that you'll treat other people with respect while using Friendli. We hope it brings you good conversations and new friendships!

In return, we'll do our very best to make your experience of Friendli safe and enjoyable. We'll work hard to keep your data secure, and we won't sell/trade/give/whatever it to anyone else.


1. You must be respectful to other users on Friendli. If someone is not being respectful to you, don't sink to their level, just block them, and if you feel it's warranted, report their behaviour to us. If need be, we'll sort them out.

Some examples of behaviour which is not respectful are:

  1. making repeated unwelcome contact with someone
  2. creating an account which pretends to be someone who you are not
  3. publicising another person's personal details
  4. threatening another person
  5. embarrassing another person
You get the drift!

2. The code of conduct of the conference you're attending also applies within Friendli. If you breach the conference's code of conduct in your use of Friendli, we may report that to the conference organisers and show them the relevant activity from your Friendli account.

3. You do not need to give Friendli any information about your legal identity. Feel free to create your account with a pseudonym.

4. We will use the information you provide to Friendli only for the purpose of providing you with the Friendli service. We take data privacy seriously, and our privacy policy is part of these terms.

5. Friendli is pseudo-ephemeral. Will will delete the Friendli database and logs associated with the conference you are attending no later than one week after the conference ends, so don't store important data in Friendli!

6. You must be 16 years of age or older to use Friendli.

7. You must not post any of your medical information on Friendli.

8. Don't rely on Friendli to do or not do any particular thing. We are not liable for any loss or damage caused by your use of Friendli.

9. If we decide that any Friendli user has breached these terms of service, we will take action, and that may include restricting or removing their account. We take the well-being of all Friendli's users very seriously, and we will act quickly and decisively to stop people treating each other badly on our platform.