Privacy and anti-surveillance are issues close to our hearts. We only collect as much information as we need to provide the Friendli service, and we only retain that information for up to one week after the conference you're attending ends before deleting it forever.


1. Friendli collects this information about you:

  1. The information you add to your profile, such as your username, interests and email address.
  2. The messages you send to others, including the contents of each message and when it was sent.
  3. The accounts of other people which you star and block.
  4. The connections your web browser makes with our server, including your IP address, browser type and each page requested.
When you give us this information, you consent to us using it to provide you with the Friendli service.

2. We use information described at 1.1, 1.2 and 1.3 to provide you with the Friendli service.

We use information described at 1.4 to keep Friendli secure, and to respond to the load on our server so that we can maintain the availability of the Friendli service.

3. We will use the information you provide to Friendli only for the purpose of providing the Friendli service.

The information described at 1.1 will be visible to all other Friendli users, unless you have blocked them. Your email address is never visible to other Friendli users -- it's optional, and only used so that you can reset a forgotten password.

The information described at 1.2 will be visible to the other user who you have sent the message to.

As part of providing the Friendli service, we may share information relevant to a breach of the code of conduct of the conference you're attending with the organisers of the conference.

We take data privacy very seriously, and will not give, share, trade or sell your data to anyone else in any other circumstances unless we are required to by law.

4. Friendli uses cookies to keep you logged in to your Friendli account. That is all that Friendli's cookies do; they will not track you on other websites.

5. We store your data on our server. Depending on your location, your data will cross national borders when being transferred to and from our server.

6. We will keep your data on our server no longer than one week after the conference you attended finishes, when we will delete all of it, forever.

The only time we may keep any of your data for longer than this, is if we need to keep it for longer to deal with a legal matter, or breach of the terms of service. In these cases we will delete it as soon as is practical.

7. To request a copy of all data which we have relating your use of Friendli, email .

To request that we delete all data which we have relating your use of Friendli, email .