Friendli makes it easy to meet people at conferences

It's hard for attendees to find "their people"

Conference goers are in a sea of people when they're at your event.

And they can't tell just by looking around who else shares their interests and passions.

So many meetings at conferences just come down to chance or luck—who someone sat beside or queued up next to.

Friendli changes that.

Attendees can use it to search for and contact like-minded people at your event.

At last, an easy way for people to meet each other at conferences!

How attendees use Friendli

How attendees use Friendli

  1. Add their interests to their profile.
  2. Search for other people based on their interests.
  3. Message anyone who seems interesting.
  4. Meet them in real life or over the built-in video chat.

Get Friendli for your event

We run it for you

We can even match your branding and put it on a subdomain like for you.

For pricing and more info, email us at

Or you run it yourself

You can find the source in its GitHub repository.

It's available for use by anyone under the Apache Licence.